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Slow, Rainy Day

I knew from the moment I awoke, today would be a lazy day, not to mention it is overcast again too. I took my probiotic, made vit/min with mullein tea. I still haven’t made up another batch of my allergy tea which seems to be ok for now. Most of the day was spent grocery shopping, online; yes, this is an all-day task when you insist on shopping at 3 to 6 different stores.

I noticed that either the Slippery Elm or the probiotic are starting to work. I have pooping issues as in I don’t do it. My “normal” schedule is once a week, at best, to once a month, normal. I have been on the probiotic for about 3 weeks now and it has helped some as in I go every other day or so now, but it is still rabbit pellets. Adding Slippery Elm in the mix, I have gone a few times today and it hasn’t been rabbit pellets. It’s amazing how much lighter one feels when you can poop.

I spent some time looking up Slippery Elm uses for dogs since I want to have a section in my monographs about pet health. I found that it is used for the same indications in dogs as humans, granted the dosing is different but that is a given since the standard adult dose is based on 150 lbs and most dogs don’t weigh that much.

I’m going to try the Slippery Elm as a topical on Kain’s bumps and see if that helps at all. Kain is our older Catahoula; years ago, he started getting these bumps in a few places. Ago 3 years ago we had a vet check him and his bump/lumps and she said they were dry cysts. This year they have been bugging my hubby and he wants to see if we can get rid of the cysts. I was half-joking when I told him, “Without really looking into it, my first suggestion would be castor oil”. He took it and ran with it; put castor oil on the one on Kain’s back every day or so for about 2 weeks and then it burst. A bunch of puss and gross came out and over a week or two it healed up and is gone.

Kain has at least two more of these cysts and the castor oil hasn’t worked. It gets them a bit squishy but not enough to pop or leak if poked. I think cysts are caused by stagnation in the system, and I would think something that could get things moving would be in order here. I had him on burdock daily while hubby was doing the castor oil and it was working but wasn’t quite enough to get it over the edge so that they would drain. Now I want to try Slippery Elm topically and see if it does anything; along with putting him back on burdock internally or maybe some Slippery Elm internally. I’ll do more research and see.

At dinner tonight I added a little ground Oatstraw and Nettles as an added nutrition bonus. Then at bedtime, I took my probiotic and another shot of the Slippery Elm.

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