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In Season Recording & Cattail Soup

On April 23rd, April and Kim came to record a Cattail video for In Season members. When they got to the house I met them out front and we headed down to the lake to harvest cattails. Once we had 10 to 20 Cattails and footage, we went to my house to cook Cattail Rice.

We had a great time recording the making of the Cattail Rice. Once we were done with the Rice, it was time for them to head out. I still wanted to try the Cattail Soup which calls for cooked rice. I figured why not use the Cattail Rice in the Cattail Soup?

I turned on the stove and my camera, saluted the mushrooms, and added the sauteed vegetables from the rice and the spices. I allowed this to simmer together for a few minutes while the broth came to a boil. Then I added the vegetables to the broth and allowed it to simmer for 15 minutes.

It was so good and filling. However next time I'm not sure I would make it into the soup since the sauteed vegetables are amazing just mixed with the Cattail Rice and served. Everyone in my family had a serving like this before the soup was done and loved it. They enjoyed the soup too.

The leftovers of the soup the next day still tasted good but tasted a bit "waterlogged". So, I suggest finishing the soup the same day or draining off the broth before storing it.

Herbers, you can find the recipe for the Cattail Rice and Cattail Soup in the Recipe area.

Our Cattail Decor

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