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Welcome to Testimonials, grab a cup of tea, a seat, kick back and enjoy what others have to say about the Herber Plans, Campfire Chats, and other things related to the Reflections side of Arizkatt's Herbs.  

Enjoy your tea and your stay!



No More Aching Jaw. No More Swollen Face

Athena has again provided me with sage advice that no doubt saved me a trip to the emergency room and absolutely eased my pain and suffering. Let us start with the fact that we are married so I will certainly give her a nice review more often than not but let me also say that I am not a man that gives praise lightly, whether you be friend or foe, so I hope you believe that I am sincere in my testimony.


My teeth aren't in the best shape, to put it very mildly. About 10 years ago I went to the dentist because my dog whacked me with his head (in my face) and took out one of my eye teeth. The dentist told me that despite what I may have done and regardless of what I may do moving forward, all of my teeth would break and fall out. Over the past decade, they have started to 'leave me' one by one. No pain, just 'crack' and within a short period of time, completely gone.


This dental instability sometimes leads to pain and discomfort, especially if something gets caught in a space previously occupied by a tooth. I believe that is what happened to me this month. My jaw and cheek, next to a missing tooth on the right side, began to swell up and became quite painful. Like an idiot, I suffered through an entire week, trying to brush and flush and such to make it go away. Come Sunday it looked like I had a golf ball lodged in my cheek and the pain ran through my entire face (jaw, cheek, teeth, throat, up to my ear and temple) and head. It was clear that there was an infection going on and I would have to go see a doctor come Monday. That afternoon/evening, Athena had me use three separate remedies for pain, swelling and infection as I iced the side of my face watching TV. At some point after my second round of rinses, the swelling burst and the infection began to drain. The first was a 'pulling' rinse with activated charcoal and plaintain, to help it drain. The second consisted of a couple of cups of tea with wax myrtle for its antimicrobial and astringent properties. The third was an herbal mouth rinse (purchased from Rupam's Herbals) with cleansing/antiseptic properties.


This may sound horrible, but it was a huge relief. The swelling went down by over half of its previous size, and I was able to sleep for the first time in several days. I continued the regiment the next day and the drainage continued slowly while the swelling subsided and the pain went away. By Tuesday my face was nearly back to normal, the infection seemed to have drained completely, the pain was gone, and I no longer needed to go to an emergency room. Do my teeth still need attention, sure. Am I incredibly grateful for Athena's skill and knowledge in providing excellent infection fighting pain remedies? Oh yeah. I am invested and am lucky enough to be one of Athena's local patients, but my words are true. Once again, she has shown me that we can usually resolve our issues with a little knowledge mixed with a bit of nature.




Always a critic, maybe a convert?

I am a long term client and frequent user of various Arizkatt's Herbs products, having experienced many different salves, lotions, tinctures, and teas, and have found them all (so far) to be effective at addressing my ailments/concerns as well as easy to apply, take or digest (depending on the item in question).

I have suffered from joint pain for several years now, with irritation affecting all of my joints (knees, hips, ankles, wrists, hands, elbows, neck) but most severely, my shoulders.  I was given a salve for joint pain and have to say I was amazed at the positive impact.  There was no immediate relief the night I applied it but as of the next morning, I felt a million times better.  I used the salve for a couple of days and experienced lasting relief that was amazing.  When my joint pain flares up now, I don't stress about it much...I just reach for the joint cream, knowing that the next morning I will wake up feeling so much better.  The salve itself is not greasy and leaves your skin feeling quite smooth and silky (very nice).

I have had the honor of using several different items prepared by Arizkatt and have similar positive things to say about them all.  I had a nasty bruise on my shin and her bruise and wound salve cleared it up in just a few hours.  I have felt tired, ill or just 'wrong' and her teas have managed to chase away the symptoms and leave me feeling refreshed.  I currently take a daily elixir (formulated specifically for me and my woes) and my overall health has improved dramatically.

My positivity about it all may sound jaded since I am her husband, but I am not one to give a false testimonial despite this fact (I'm really not one to give a testimonial at all).  My experiences with Arizkatt's Herbs have been nothing but positive and I hope to expand them and benefit even more in the future.



Recently I injured my lower back, Pain Cream to the rescue.

Recently I injured my lower back. It was causing me severe pain. Athena had given me some pain cream on a visit and I thought I would try it. I had tried 2 other creams I had bought and they weren’t working. I put a dime size of Athena’s cream on my back before work and was pain-free for 2 days. Thanks, Athena what an awesome cream. I love it. It has no nasty smell and the texture is so smooth and creamy.

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