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Herber Dashboard

From here you can access all your Herber benefits.  Hopefully, this will make finding everything a bit easier. 

If you are not an Herber and would like access to these pages you can signup here.

Membership Agreements, hands shaking
Member Agreement

Our Member Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of your membership with us. It is important to read and understand this agreement before becoming an Herber member. By becoming an Herber and using our services, you agree to the terms outlined in our Member Agreement.

Boo Boo Salve linking to formulations

Our herbal formulations provide natural and effective solutions for a variety of health needs. Our custom formulas are designed with the appropriate parts and percentages for scaling so that you can create teas, tinctures, infused oils, salves, lotions, and more. All our formulas include detailed information about how and why the formula was created, so you can trust that you are using the best herbal ingredients for your desired outcome.

Formulation Checklist

Our Formulation Checklist is designed to help you identify the perfect herbs for your health needs. We start by finding your constitutional type and the energetic issues at play. Then, we look at the herbal actions needed to address those issues, and find the herbs that fit those actions. Finally, we compare the information to determine the best herbs for your individual needs.

Herbal Cocoa linking to recipes

Our herbal recipes are designed to be easy to make and follow, with simple ingredients and instructions. We offer a wide range of recipes, including teas, glycerites, vinegars, syrups, and more. Enjoy creating your own natural remedies right at home

Hand-drawn plantain linking to monographs

Our monographs offer detailed information on the herbal actions, plant parts, energetics, active constituents, dosage suggestions, and safety information, as well as links to additional references.

Collection of hand-drawn herbs
Herbal Actions

Herbal Actions provide an understanding of the medicinal properties of herbs. Our Herbal Actions page includes detailed descriptions of the therapeutic properties of herbs, including their meanings and herbal companions. This page along with the Formulation Checklist can help you choose herbs to support your health.

Magnifying Glass
Herb Search

Our Herb Search page allows you to easily find the perfect herb for your needs. You can search for herbs by energetics, herbal actions, or both energetics and herbal actions to find the perfect herb for your needs. With this powerful search filter, you can quickly and easily find the herb that will best suit your health goals.

Willow tree at Johns Island Park
Herb Walk Notes

Notes from guided tours of gardens and land, designed to provide an opportunity to learn about the plants that grow around us. Includes pictures and other information to help with plant identification and uses.

Round the Fire hand-drawn image.
Campfire Chats

Live Q&A sessions for Herbers, to help them learn more about herbal remedies, their uses, and any other herbal quandaries they may have. Q&A is every Wednesday from noon to 1 pm. ET

Alternative Medicine
Case Studies

Our Case Studies provide a detailed look into how herbal remedies can address various health issues. Each case study is tailored to a specific health issue, and outlines the formulation of herbal remedies that can be used to help alleviate symptoms. 

Quick Lessons

Quick Lessons offer a variety of topics to help you learn about herbs and their uses. Our quick lessons give you the information you need in an easily digestible format, so you can quickly learn the basics and start using herbs for your health and wellbeing.

exclusive content
Exclusive Content

Our exclusive content provides members with access to exclusive member-only content, including exclusive member news, special offers, and more. Our content is updated regularly to keep members up-to-date on the latest herbal news and developments. 

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