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About Arizkatt's Herbs

Helping you find your herbal way through decor, workshops, classes, and memberships.

This website started to track Arizkatt’s journey to becoming a clinical herbalist and part of it still is, Reflections, but along that journey, new things have sprouted such as Creations, and Connections, and continue to sprout. What you see on this site is a labor of love, I hope you enjoy it.

Our Story

This labor of love that is Arizkatt's Herbs started July 31, 2021, when I, Arizkatt enrolled in CommonWealth Holistic Herbalism’s Family + Community Herbalist programs.  In the program they suggest starting a journal and an herbal business to showcase your learning and help offset the costs of your education. 

Reflections Are Born

I started the blog as my journal component.  Hoping it would not only be a place of reference for myself and others but also a way for me to stay on top of my studies. I struggled to figure out what I could or would want to offer business-wise.  Then over the next eight months I realized as I formulated new herbal products, I could share this information along with how I created the formula and maybe offer them for sale. 

Herbers Are Born

I knew that I didn’t want Arizkatt's Herbs to make herbal products to sell to the public, I’m not that person.  Yet, I had friends and family asking if they could purchase the things I make since many had tried them and loved them.  I wanted to have a place where I could share my formulations, teach how I formulated them, encourage others to make them themselves and sell herbal products to those few that for some reason couldn’t make them themselves.

On March 3, 2022, I announced a new offering, Become a Herber.  An area where I share formulations, course notes, herbal products for sale and herbal information.

Creations Are Born

As part of the Herber area and my studies I created monographs.  I wanted herbs for both the logo and for the monographs.  At first, I tried doing them digitally since I can’t draw by hand, but I didn’t like how they looked.  I wanted more of a hand drawn feel then what I was getting.  I’m very fortunate to have an artist for a mother.  When I told her what I was doing and what I needed she offered her services. Once I saw the drawings, I wanted them not only on the website but decorating my house too.


On March 19, 2022, I announced Creations specializing in beautiful home décor and clothing featuring hand-drawn herbs with herbal information.


Summer 2022

During the summer I took a break from Arizkatt's Herbs to spend time out in nature. During this time, I realized that since February I had been making posts and content just to have something to post which wasn’t the point of the site.  I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do and how I wanted that reflected on the website.


I enrolled in a local course Botanical Medicine Movement at Yahola Herbal School which reignited my want to journal my herbal journey. At the same time, I decided that I really enjoyed creating the home décor and clothing items and wanted to offer more in this area. 

September 3, 2022, started the redesign and move of the website.  This is the third redesign and host; I’m hoping this is the last host but know it isn’t the last redesign.

Connections Are Born

During the 2022 winter holidays I was making a lot of herbal products to give to family and friends.  While I was doing so a friend was over helping me and learning how to craft all these things.  She suggested a number of times that I should teach.  At the beginning of 2023, I started writing an introductory herb course.  At this point, April 2023, there are four students working through the pilot program of the course.  The plan is to open enrollment for both the online with live video meetings and the in-person courses in the fall (Sept.)

Meet The Team

Athena Herder

Athena Herder



Debora Brown

Debora Brown



Eric Herder

Eric Herder



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