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Mulching Day

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I’m not sure if I wrote about Chip Drop and how much fun that has been, so I will tell you now in case I haven’t or as a refresher since it’s been about a month or so. A while back I found out that you can get free mulch from Chip Drop. You go to their website, set up an account, and request a drop. They say after you do this you wait for an arborist or tree company to pick up the order and fill it. This could take a few hours or days depending on the area and so many other factors. Turns out I live in a sweet spot, I put my request in, and within minutes I got a message that my drop would be in the next 24-48 hours. When they got there to do the drop the guy told me that he would be happy to bring me as much as I want, that 4 truckloads would fit in the spot I have for them and that I’m on the way back to the office so I shouldn’t ever have issues getting a drop.

Well, that was a month or so ago and I haven’t had the time to get the pile of mulch moved. Well, today was the day. Ok, to be fair I didn’t get it all moved just a decent dent. I did manage to get 2-1/2 beds done which doesn’t seem like a lot unless you know the size of the garden area; it is 40 feet by 80 feet, so each bed is 25 to 100 sq ft or more. The beds I got done took 10 wheelbarrows full of mulch. By then I was too tired to continue. It’s looking good where I have gotten done. This is my first-time using mulch so we will see if I end up liking it. In the past, it has been too much money and I didn’t see the need but having a garden with no water source changes how you think of things.

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