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Heading to NOLA

We rented an RV to head to NOLA for New Year's Eve, my birthday.  We had picked up the RV on Christmas but had been so busy with other things that we didn’t get to packing the RV until that morning.  The crew going was Duncan, Nana, myself, and our “kids” (V our daughter, W & E, her two friends).  Everyone spent the night of the 27th at the house so that we could pack and get on the road. At 11:18 am we headed out. 

Duncan driving RV

We have 2 cats and a dog, and Nana also has a cat.  She brought her cat to our house, and we got a friend of mine to watch them from Friday to Monday.  That left Thursday with no one to stay with the pets.  We talked to a neighbor, and they said they would come let the dog out Thursday and Friday morning. Well, this didn’t go so well. We got a call at about 3 pm telling us that when the neighbor came to let the dog out, the dog freaked out and ran away from home.  We left a message for another neighbor to please keep an eye out for the dog and let him in if they see him.

We have traveled by car all over this country many times over the years with the kids and we had never thought to rent an RV before.  I wish we had for all our past road trips.  It was AWESOME!  There was no worrying about people touching each other or not having space, for everyone had plenty of space.  No having to stop for bathroom or snack breaks unless you wanted to, or you have smokers with you.

Nana riding in RV

It was awesome plus everything you needed was easy to get to without packing and unpacking all the time.  I don’t know if I would go through all this for just two people but 3 or more I definitely would look into it.  For us, it turned out to be the cheapest way for the six of us to go to NOLA for New Year's Eve (my birthday). It cost us each $550 ($3300 total) and that included the RV, the RV park, tickets to Billy Strings, breakfast and dinner for 5 days, and the gas.  The only thing people had to cover was what they did each day in NOLA.

We pulled into the RV park at 12:45 am but forgot to call them and let them know we would be in late, so no one was there.  We drove down the road and pulled into an Auto Zone. We were so tired we just turned off everything and went to sleep for a few hours.  About 7 am we awoke and went over to check into the RV park.

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1 Comment

Deb Brown
Deb Brown
Jan 08

That trip was so much fun. Where's the next place we go?


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