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Fun with Damiana

3/13/23 - Today I started doing the "Herb a week or month" again. I decided I really need to do these so that I KNOW the plants I work with better. My plan is to drink a quart of it a day over the next week or more and see how things change in my body. I also want to make oil, tincture, and vinegar to see how all these come out. Depending on what I learn from that, I may also go to water therapy and topicals. I want to learn how I could work with each plant.

I decided to start with Damiana. There is something that draws me to this plant. I love the smell. I am found many times just opening the jar and smelling it. It relaxes me. Today I'm doing hot infusions of Damiana.

I microwave the water for 2 mins they used a mesh infuser to steep the herb. It steeped for about 30 mins to an hour. It was hot when it started, and room temp when I started drinking it. I know I need to try it warm or hot too but that is always hard for me since heat hot and I don't mix well.

The smell is heavenly to me, it relaxes me and reminds me of the scene in Pocahontas where the wind swirls around her. I can feel the drying qualities by taking a sip and letting it sit in my mouth. It almost tastes like an antiseptic but in a good way, ok maybe not in a good way to others but for me I enjoy it. It reminds me of Solarcaine, this stuff my grandmother use to spray on me when I would get sunburned. I always loved the smell of that stuff.

The coloring is a light golden color, and it feels a bit heavier than water when I let it sit in my mouth.

3/14/23 - I woke up a bit congested so decided I needed my allergy tea. I made it in the microwave like yesterday but today I put tbs of allergy tea and tbs of damiana in it. I did notice my mood was brighter today than normal.

I went to Nana's today, and while I was there I tasted the leaf of purple top vervain and it tasted almost exactly like blue vervain. I'm thinking I might be able to substitute one for the other.

3/15/23 - I started my day with allergy, vit/min tea (1/2 tbs each) with 1 tbs of damiana. I also took 5 ml of Blue Vervain. I have been doing this for a week or so now (the blue vervain) and it really helps with my pooping and bloating issues. On days I forget it I hurt the next day, feeling like I need to poop but can't.

As you can see the herb of the "Herb a week or month" didn’t really go as planned. I lasted 3 days before changing to something else. I need to find a way to really DO this. I “make” my students do it, but I can’t seem to do it. The funny thing is if it was an assignment I would do it. Maybe I need to approach it like that and have everyone including me share their Sensing Herbs assignments in class.

I do have to say that Damiana really helps me see the brighter side of life. It makes me stop and see the beauty that is in the world instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all.

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