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Facemasks and Chocolates

For the holidays this year, I decided to make chocolates and facemasks.  This was my first time trying my hand at chocolates.  I had ordered cacao paste and cacao butter for a different project and since I had it on hand and my mother-in-law loves dark chocolate, I decided to make chocolates. I also had a few syrups I had recently made.

I wanted to make a few different flavors, the ones I came up with were: Purple Dreams, Mango Orange, and Cherry Cinn Heat.  Purple Dreams has a glycerite containing blue pea flowers, blue lotus flowers, mugwort, and blue vervain to help one relax and uses a syrup made from Purple Carrot, Beet, Cherry, and Elderberry Juice. Cherry Cinn Heat uses Cranberry Cherry syrup and a spice mix made of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne. Mango Orange uses a syrup made from 365 Organic Mango, Apple and Orange with Baobab.

They all came out so very good.  I think my favorite is the Mango Orange with Cherry Cinn Heat coming in as a strong second.  The heat that comes off the Cherry Cinn Heat is amazing and lovely if you enjoy Mexican chocolate.

The facemasks were for the ladies in my life, one of whom is my daughter who is always asking for more facemask stuff. I decided to make four different ones Cocoa Deep Clean, Passionflower Rosehip, Moisturizing Blue, and Elder Amla Deep Clean.  The Cocoa Deep Clean contains Cocoa Powder, Milk Powder, Charcoal, and Oats; Passionflower Rosehip contains Passion Flower Powder, Rose Hip Powder, White Clay; Moisturizing Blue contains Milk Powder, Honey, Butterfly Pea Flower Powder, White Clay, Oats, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Preservative. Elder Amla Deep Clean contains Elderberry Extract Powder, Amla Powder, Green Clay, and Charcoal.

All of them came out wonderfully and so far everyone is very happy with the results of each of them.  I also made a batch of lotions for those of us in need this winter dry season.


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