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Day 1 in NOLA

Day 1 in NOLA was to start at the 9th Ward Living Museum. Duncan, Nana, and I got up and headed to the bus at about 10 am. On the way, we saw a patch of feverfew and Spanish needles.

On the website, it didn’t say that you needed to make an appointment to do a tour, so we had just headed over thinking they were open.  When we got there, we found that they do tours during the week but that you need to make an appointment.  We decided to walk up the steps and look into the front windows.  When we did so, we saw a lady sitting inside.  She opened the door and offered to let us do the tour.

The tour was very interesting and informative. I took so many pictures so that I could read everything (I got new glasses before we left and I’m not doing so well with them) and I scanned all the QR codes that give you even more information.

As we were leaving the museum my friend called to let me know she wasn’t feeling well and was getting a slow start.  She asked how things were going for me and I told her about the dog running away and that I didn’t know if the dog was home or not since I hadn’t heard from anyone.  She told me she would be headed to the house in a bit and would let me know once she was there.

We were planning to go to the Feather and Dance Museum, but it wasn’t open, so we headed back toward town.  I had noted Island of Salvation Botanica as an herbal shop but didn’t note the actual herbal shops that were just down the street from here.  Anyways, we stopped off at the Island of Salvation Botanica for smoothies.  While there we ran over to Shell for a charger and charged our phone since we forgot to overnight and the bus app drained the battery. 

From here we walked back toward the French Quarter looking at all the lovely street art.  It was just amazing.  I love graffiti art and street art, so this was one of the highlights of the trip for me. We continued walking until we came to Voodoo Spiritual Temple where I picked up some copal and a few chewing sticks that said they were peppermint which I doubted and sure enough they were licorice.

Fu-fu, Ndole, and Nsouki Alyse at Bennachin

At this point, we were hungry, and I knew where I wanted to eat, Bennachin.  We got Fu-fu, Ndole, and Nsouki Alyse which we split between the three of us and it was perfect.  After we ate, we had a little time to wander around the French Quarter before we needed to head to Tipitina’s. This is when I get another call from my friend watching the house to let me know she is at the house and so is the dog.  He was in the front yard, she got him into the backyard, but he was still not willing to come inside.

Arizkatt, Nana, and Duncan standing in line to get into Tipitina's for Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

During talking to her I managed to get us on the wrong bus and we ended up 45 minute bus ride from where we needed to be.  We decided to call an Uber since the kids were already at Tipitina’s and were waiting for us.  We got there with 15 minutes to spare before the Dirty Dozen Brass Band went on.  It was a great night.  We (Duncan, Nana, and I) took an Uber back to the RV Park.

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Deb Brown
Deb Brown
09 ene

That was the longest we waited for a bus that didn't come. Oh wait there was another time on the triangle corner. LOL It was all fun......

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