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New Herbal Class

Now offering a beginner's herbal class!

Finding Your Herbal Way is the perfect hybrid course for those looking to get started on their herbal journey. In this course, you will learn how to make various herbal medicines, forage for at least 2 plants, and work with 5 plants of your choice. Additionally, you will learn to understand herbal energetics and actions, allowing you to create remedies tailored to individual needs.

Choose from Friday or Saturday classes, starting Aug 26 or Sept 1 and running for 12 weeks.

What To Expect

This course is a hybrid course which means it has both in-person and online components to it. We meet in person every other week.

On days we meet in person, we will meet in the classroom and then head outside to walk around the property to learn how to identify the plants around us. When we have finished our herb walk, we will move back into the classroom for lecture and discussion time.

During this discussion time, you have a chance to share what you have been working on at home for this course. Then we will break into groups of three for herbal remedy-making. At the end of class, we will pack up what we have made into the provided take-home containers and clean our areas. We will have one field trip during this course to a local park for an extended herb walk.

On days we don’t meet in person you are expected to log in to the online classroom and work through the lessons posted. These lessons are designed to get you comfortable working with, identifying, and formulating a few herbs.

In the first few online lessons, you will learn how to pick five of your herbal allies to work with throughout this course. You will learn these five herbs through a variety of lessons including making herbal remedies that you will bring to the in-person classes for “show and tell” and to use in things we make together. During one of the lessons, you will need to forage a plant and create an herbal remedy.

Some of the lessons are focused on how to formulate herbal remedies. In these lessons, you will be formulating your own herbal remedies and gaining an understanding of how to create or modify formulas to fit you and your needs.

The lessons also include reading notes from the required books, I HIGHLY recommend reading the books themselves along with the reading notes but everything you need to know for the course is included in the reading notes.

Take Homes

During the course, each student takes home what they made during our meetings. By the end of the course, each student will have received 8 capsules, 4 oz electuary, 4 oz elixir, 2 oz glycerite, 60 gummies, 4 oz hydrosol, 4 oz infused honey, 2 oz liniment, 3 oz lotion, 8 herbal protein balls, 4 oz oxymel, 1 oz salve, in provided take-home containers: a $252.00 value (per student)

Enroll Now to start Finding Your Herbal Way!

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