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First Encounter – Wax Myrtle


This morning I am trying wax myrtle tea for the first time. I'm a little concerned that it will be too much for me since it is an Irritant Diuretic so I would guess it is drying and I'm already a dry person.

I microwaved water for 1.5 mins then dropped about a quarter-size ball of leaves into the cup. I covered it and let it sit until it was just warm or room temp (the temperature I drink tea at). When removing the cover, I notice the sides have something strange on them kinda looks like wax. I touch it and it is the oil from the plant. Interesting I have never had something that leaves oils around the top of the cup. The smell has a tropical smell to it that reminds me of Costa Rica's smell. The taste is amazing just as it smells. Like a tropical fruit, maybe a pappa or something like that. I really like the taste. It leaves a little drying in my mouth but irritates my throat at the glands a little bit. As I drink this cup I will note more.

I'm not halfway through the cup and my head is starting to hurt. So yes, this is very drying and I will need to go make marshmallow or something like that to drink to offset what I have done with the wax myrtle. I was concerned this would be the case. At least now I know for sure that I must mix this with a moist herb or I will hurt.

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