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Herbs and Trim

After dinner last night I decided it was time to start working with my Herb of the Week/Month. I’m very hesitant about this, I already know it’s supposed to become snot and I don’t like those textures/feelings and I have no clue how I’m going to ingest this. Ok, we must start somewhere, and an infusion is where we almost always start. I mixed ½ tbs with 8 fl oz of cold tap water (we are on a well and filtration system) in a pint mason jar, capped it, and left it on the counter for the morning.

Today, woke up to rain again, this is not normal here. I’m not a big fan of rainy days which is one of the reasons I live where I do. We get more thunderstorms than “normal” rain and I love thunderstorms. Rainy days make me want to curl up and watch TV or read all day. That is not really an option for today, I still have class stuff and a room to finish painting. Started the day like normal, probiotic and vit/min with mullein tea. I had planned on doing the notes for the videos I listened to yesterday, but I got sidetracked into starting the monograph for Slippery Elm.

At this point, I need to fill in the botanical information and the pet information on Slippery Elm and then I think it is complete. I will finish it on Monday if I don’t get to it sooner, then I will post a summarized version of my monograph here. I say summarized because my monographs will be 3+ pages each to start, they will grow over time as I work with the herbs more. For general consumption, 2 pages are pushing it, so the ones I share here will be no more than 1-2 pages.

My SIL has a nasty bruise from giving plasma and asked if I had anything to help. During the class I took earlier this year, I made a bruise and wound salve that works lovely. I suggested she use it over the next few days.

Time to start the trim color in the bedroom, while painting I listened to the rest of the Tinctures section, Infused Vinegars, Infused Wine, and started Infused Honey lessons in the Herbal Medicine Making course. Most of this is a review for me but it is always nice to see someone else’s process and/or see someone else doing just like you do. It really brings it home or into reality for me.

On way to the den to relax, I walked through the kitchen I saw the Slippery Elm infusion that had been sitting, waiting, and mocking me all day. I have picked up this jar numerous times today trying to decide how I’m going to ingest this…sludge. Just watching it move around in the jar when I swirl it makes me nauseous. Time to “suck it up, buttercup” and just drink it, I pour about a tablespoon in a cup and can’t bring myself to drink it. I add about 2-3 tablespoons of tap water mix it around and now it looks thick but drinkable, kinda looks like Metamucil, smells like it too. Here we go…. that wasn’t too bad, tastes like Metamucil too (for my full unedited reaction see First Encounters – Slippery Elm post). I can handle this.

Before bed, I did another shot of Slippery Elm mixed the same way as earlier and a probiotic. Hopefully, this will help with my digestive issues.

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