First Encounters – Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm looking gelatinous in a jar

This entry was done using voice to text, then lightly cleaned up.

At 11:52 PM on August 5th I put 1 ½ tablespoon of Slippery Elm in a Mason jar with eight ounces of tap water. I will leave overnight and see what happens.  My Slippery Elm is in powder form when I opened the jar it kind of poofed on me and the smell is kind of a sweet musty smell and the taste didn’t have a taste powder didn’t really have a taste it just felt really silky.

OK it’s 906 the next morning and I’ve shaken up the Slippery Elm and opened it my first response is gross OK let’s start with I have a saliva problem, and this looks…it’s a gelatinous mess it doesn’t smell bad but there is absolutely no way I could drink this no way not even a sip Just looking at it is making me nauseous

K guess going to touch this, it’s not slimy, amazingly it’s cool and refreshing. It looks like snot, strings like snot but it doesn’t feel like snot when you rub it on your skin; it’s a little sticky though. OK we will recover that save it, and figure out something else besides drinking it to do with it

It’s 929 PM and all day I’ve been thinking about how the world I could even try drinking this Slippery Elm stuff ‘cause it’s way too snotty can’t handle it.  Finally, I decided how about trying to take a tablespoon of the goop and mixing it with three or four tablespoons of water and Ding Ding Ding made it just thin enough so that it’s not like a loogie going down your throat and it tastes just like Metamucil, you know the fiber thing that you mix in water, tastes just like it. I think I can handle doing this a few more times and see what else we can do with this stuff.

At about 11 PM, I try the mix again; this time I put just enough of the Slippery Elm mix in the bottom of a small glass, just to cover, and then added enough water to again not make it sludge.  It’s still thick like Metamucil and has a high fiber content.  They both are supposed to help you poop.  Slippery Elm is moisturizing, and my digestive system could use that. So tomorrow I’m going to try drinking a bit more and looking up what other things we might be able to try with this stuff

Letting it sit overnight and all day today it didn’t get any thicker; it did get thicker overnight but as far as leaving it from this morning all through the day it didn’t thicken up anymore. At this point, it’s in the fridge for the morning.

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