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A Little Update

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

I thought I should jump on really quickly and give you all a little update. I haven’t really been posting a lot recently since I have had so much going on. The end of the month is when I normally record, edit, and schedule posts for the next month. At the end of last month, Nana moved here. She has been staying with us since then while getting her place ready to move in.

As you may remember, she purchased the house a year ago with the plan to move out here in four or five years. In the meantime, our oldest son was going to move in and take care of the place. Shortly after her trip in October, things happened and she retired early which is why she’s here now.

Nana’s House

Since she has been here, we have done a lot of things including:

  1. Sanding and priming the ceiling in the master bedroom

  2. Primed master bedroom wall for new paint color

  3. Drywall around both showers

  4. Mudding around both showers

  5. Fixed the hall wall that was popping out

  6. Moved boxes around to the correct rooms or close

  7. Replaced back door

  8. Fixed front door

  9. Got flooring

  10. Replace cardboard liners

  11. And more I can’t remember at the moment

A spider plant from the aero garden

Our House

Around here we started the kitchen and dining area. As in we have scraped the ceiling and now need to start priming it all. We also have been cleaning the pool. This year I decided that it was easier to drain it and refill it than fight like last year. At this point it is almost empty; this morning it was empty but it rained. Before the rain started we got half the bottom cleaned. Now to pump, out again and continue cleaning.

Spider plant rooted in the aero garden transferred to a pot

A Little Update, Plant Love

During all this, I have also been loving the plants. In Nana’s yard are purple-topped vervain, goldenrod, roses, mullein, dwarf plantain, yucca, wisteria, chinaberry, elder, yaupon, and more. Here at home, I have been mostly working with Yaupon. I will be making a post about those adventures soon.

Last month I put some spider plant babies into the Aero Garden to see if they would grow roots. They did awesomely and today I planted them in pots with a few others. Since the strawberry is going crazy I decided to take some of the babies off it and put them in the Aero Garden. We will see in a few weeks how this goes.

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