This website started to track Arizkatt’s journey to becoming a clinical herbalist and still is, but along that journey, new things have sprouted and continue to sprout. What you see on this site is a labor of love, we hope you enjoy it.

Meet the Team

Athena aka Arizkatt – Founder and the main person behind Arizkatt’s Herbs

Hubby aka Duncan – Arizkatt’s husband, beekeeper, writer, and musician.  He is who we must thank for the music on the podcast and the bee items we carry (him and the bees that is).

Nana aka Deb Brown – Arizkatt’s mother, seamstress, and artist; is who we must thank for the drawings seen on the website and merchandise, she also handles our shipping.

Our Story

This blog is to track my journey to becoming a Clinical Herbalist. I started this journey a long time ago, I guess some would say as a child when my great aunt watched me.  She grew a garden that included potatoes.  I have no clue what else she grew other than potatoes because I fell in love with the idea you could put a piece of a potato in the ground and grow many more potatoes.  I was 5 or 6 at the time.  I don’t remember doing anything much plant-related after that until I had my first son.

When he was between six months and a year old we belonged to a mommy and me group that included a woman named Kimberly Gallagher.  She was really into herbalism and taught a few of us moms how to use some plants to help with cuts, bumps, and bruises.  I was in love with it all, but sadly our lives went separate ways.  She went on to start Learning Herbs, I went on to raise and homeschool our boys.  I still learned about herbs whenever I had the chance but it wasn’t the focus.  It was a hobby that I would come back to again and again over the next 20 years.

As COVID lockdown hit SC (March 2020), I realized that my youngest son was nearly done with high school and was already enrolled at the local college for his culinary degree.  At 16 and getting his driver’s license soon, he would no longer need the “mom taxi”.  So I began thinking about what I wanted to do now that my jobs as a stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher were coming to an end.

I had taken a handful of herbal classes online and always enjoyed them.  I was beginning to understand Clinical Herbalism and was realizing that this was the path I would love to take.  Figuring out how to make this dream a reality was the next step and I have to say, looking at the AHG website and seeing the requirements was a bit daunting.  How would I really track all of this?  How would I show that my work was up to the standard needed to fulfill the requirements?

As I searched, I became even more overwhelmed.  I was seeing so many more things of interest that I wanted to understand as well.  Then I found CommonWealth Herbs (CommonWealth Holistic Herbalism).  They offer programs that cover everything from beginning herbalism through applying for RH with AHG certification.

As of July 31, 2021, I have enrolled in their Family + Community Herbalist programs.  This blog will be where I track and share my progress on this journey.  I’m hoping this will not only be a place of reference for myself and others but also a way for me to stay on top of my studies.

March 3, 2022 Update, over the past eight months a lot has happened. What started as a place to post my notes and other herbal doings has changed into a business where I can share my love of plants with others.

Welcome to my journey,
Arizkatt aka Athena Herder

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