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Started the day with probiotic and a cup of allergy, vit/min, comfrey tea. Read an interesting article from MRH about smoke cleansing; one of the blends they talk about that I should look up is havan samagri. Had to meet the foundation guy at Nana’s house, so did my plant time up there. Walked around her property seeing what plant friends I already know, turns out I know many in the yard. Some of the things I saw were elderberry, black walnut, poke, dogfennel, yucca, and wisteria. I didn’t really use Seek to figure out what anything was beside the dogfennel and that was more because I couldn’t remember its name than not really knowing the plant. In the evening my SIL had a headache, and I gave her some of my pain tea for it. Took probiotic with dinner. Again didn’t remember to track my smoking….I really have to figure this out.

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