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Paint & Plants

Today I woke up a bit late, 8:30 am, and a bit freaked out. Today is the day that the HVAC gets put in at Nana’s house; I had arranged for J to go and be at the house for it. He was good and got up and left at 8:30 am, this was my freak out, I heard him pulling out as I awoke and I thought “oh no, I’m going to miss the appointment.” Once I calmed down and realized that I didn’t miss anything and that the boy was on it, I was all good.

I took my probiotic; I have been taking them for the last two weeks since I have digestive issues and was hoping they would help. So far, they have helped a little but not much, think I might need to try a different brand next month. Off to the kitchen for my morning tea, not cool, I’m out of allergy tea. Not the way I wanted to start my already feeling behind, day. I grab the vit/min tea and the mullein, at least it will give me the lung support I need. I’ll need to make up more of the allergy tea today or tonight, knowing me that won’t happen, and I’ll be doing it in the morning.

Last night while watching TV I made an MS Access table to enter all the monograph information into for the herb of the week/month. I plan to create a workable database of all the information I need at my fingertips.

Our bedroom couldn’t wait any longer; we have been painting the inside of our house since March or April. At this point, the guest room, music room, laundry room, den, and bathroom have been done. I started our bedroom a week or two ago, but we have been “living/sleeping” in the den for 1-2 months since hubby was excited about starting our room as soon as we finished the den. We are scraping the ceilings as we go also, so having everything clear is the easiest thing but I’m so ready to be back in our room. Since the bedroom couldn’t wait any longer (ok I can’t) I decided that I would listen to my classes as I painted. I finish the tea section and the first part of the tincture section of the Herbal Medicine Making course. Tomorrow I plan to rewatch the videos I listened to today and take notes. This part of the course will be quick for me since I have been making many of these preparations for years.

I didn’t see anything about glycerite in the Herbal Medicine Making course, but I will look again before I ask the instructors about it. They said today in the tincture section that if have someone that can’t have alcohol use vinegar, but my issue is that vinegar smells too close to wine which is a trigger for some. I have been making glycerites instead but would love to see someone else’s take on them.

We took the dog for a walk around the lake; oh right, some of you may not know, we live off a mile-long dirt road that ends at a borrow pit. The lake is from where they dug in the past and has filled in; there is still a partly active pit at the end of the area. During our walk, I took pictures with Seek app to figure out what some of the plants I saw are.

I guess I should share what ongoing projects I will be working on over the course of these classes.

  • Relabeling – all my herbs with Latin/botanical names, family names, common names, and maybe energetics.

  • Journal – write down everything plant and herb-related you do in a day.

  • Map & ID all plants in the yard – I plan to use google maps and a listing. I also will be learning about the plants around my neighborhood.

  • Herb of Week/Month – I will be working with the same plant for a week to a month and during this time I will be writing a monograph for the herb

  • Plant Sit Meditations – sit for 20 mins with a plant at least once a week; I will be doing a writeup on each plant that I sit with, they may or may not be the same as the herb or the week/month.

  • Course Notes – Watch videos in the courses, take notes, and writeup/share what I have learned herein the blog

These items and more are why I started this blog, the labels above are the same labels I will use for the different types of posts. Off to watch some TV and relax.

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