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Nice Day But…

Ok, I thought since it was a beautiful day and the library doesn’t open until 10am, maybe sitting in the car or whatnot while the boy was in class wouldn’t be so bad. I had my books, notebooks, pens, phone, computer, and chargers, I was good to go. Started the wait time believing I would head to the library when it opened, which meant no real need to get the computer out in the car, I could watch some classes on my phone while I waited for the library to open.

I started in and watched syrups, oxymels, elixirs, and cocktail bitters; took their quizzes, and got 100% on all of them. During all this, I thought about taking a break and going over to the library, but it was so nice outside I just couldn’t bring myself to go. At some point, I took a bathroom break, and while I was doing so decided to see if the school offered unsecured wifi, they do. Awesome, so now on nice days I can just come sit at the picnic tables outside the building and do my coursework. To top it off, I found another library just up the street and it opens at 9am which is almost perfect.

While I was watching the last class, I stepped out of my car to smoke a cigarette (I park as far from buildings as possible), I was halfway through when campus police informed me that smoking isn’t allowed on campus. Well, crap! He was very nice about it but still means that if I want to smoke at all while I wait, I can’t do it at the college. Back to finding an outdoor place with wifi or better yet quit smoking.

I think tomorrow I might try the county park up the street and see if they have wifi in the shelter areas. Plus, I could do yoga at the park if I want, it wouldn’t be weird, ok it would be a bit but not as much as in the parking lot of the college.

When I got home a made hubby an elixir: lemon balm infused honey, nettle infused honey, balancing nervine tincture, mullein leaf tincture, and mullein flower tincture. Since I used the last of the lemon balm-infused honey for this and the lemon balm could use a trim, I started a new batch of lemon balm-infused honey.

Kain has finished his week of pastilles and I think I either need to reformulate it or give slippery elm on the side for a few days. He is constipated, I’m not sure if it is the pastilles or if it is just his normal issues. I’m thinking normal issues since it doesn’t seem worse, it seems like it was before I started giving him burdock glycerite which I stopped giving him. If that is the case, then either upping the burdock in the pastilles and/or slippery elm on the side should work.

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