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Nana’s Visit

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

McLeod Plantation, Us at McLeod Plantation, New waders, Folly Beach

I had family in town from October 18th until November 2nd; Nana, my aunt, and my cousin came to visit; Nana for the full two weeks, the others just 4 days. During their visit we mostly worked on Nana’s new house and getting it ready for our oldest son to move in; he will be renting it until she moves out in a few years, or that is the current plan. We did take one day to play tourists, went to the beach and to a plantation.

Subfloor & Joist Replaced, Subfloor & Joist Replaced, New Subfloor, New Subfloor, Stud replaced, Hell stud, The cause of it all, Measuring shower, Walls go up, Walls go up, Painting, Referb vanity, Cutting in the edges, Master Bath, Master Bath, Main Bath

During their time here I didn’t think I did a lot of herbal things since we were mostly working on the house but then I realized that I did quite a bit. While they were here, they drank the herbal teas I have premade (allergy, vit min, tangy, heartburn, overheating, dry cough, etc.), I’m not sure which they drank but I know each morning they made themselves a cup of some type of tea.

My aunt has been having a stressful time one day was particularly hard, that day we tried out a few adaptations which helped a lot. I ended up sending her home with lemon balm glycerite. On a different day, she was suffering from what looked like a tension headache with muscle tightness; I had her use some of the cross liniment I have, it worked great for her, and she purchased the bottle from me. I sent her home with nettle honey (allergies), honey, pain salve, and lemon balm glycerite.

While Nana was still here, I got a coffee pot to use as a “Mr. Infusion” and I made chai tea in it. It was wonderful and so easy, I love it. We started a new patch of pain oil, but I don’t have enough oil for all the material I have, need to pick up more. Seems I will be making quite a bit this round since I have a quart already going and at least 1 or 2 quarts waiting for oil.

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