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Matilda’s First Use

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

This morning was dedicated to schoolwork, and I got most of the way through the course before my weekly call with Nana. While I talked to her this week, I continued doing inventory, no it still isn’t done. At some point during all of this, I realized I was out of space for my herbs, to which my hubby said he would clear out under the alter for me.

Then I realized I’m OUT OF JARS!!! How did this happen? When I say this out loud everyone is like no you aren’t, have you looked…They go look and come back to me with WOW, how are YOU out of jars? Just for reference, I normally have 2 cabinets full of clean, ready-to-use jars in different sizes, it is such an issue in this house that every time I keep a used jar my family gives me crap about when am I ever going to run out of jars and do I REALLY need to keep it.

Turns out yes, I am out of jars, but I need a quart jar to mix up a bunch of glycerites into a formula for hubby again, plus it will get me out of inventorying the individual glycerites. I’m looking around trying to find anything in a quart jar I might be able to move when I remember I have oils that need pressing that I started in October.

Awesome, I get to play with my new press. I empty the first set of oils, a pint, and a quart jar, and press what I can since they are roots and stems, they don’t press well but they press better in the press than by hand. I get a quart back after pressing which I’m shocked by this since that is a lot more than normal and I still don’t have a quart to use since it needed it back. Then I press an oil made from leaves, that is in a quart jar, and oh my, did it do great; the marc came out completely dry and I got just over a pint. I’m amazed not only did I get the quart jar I was going for, but I also got more oil than I expected. I love this press. I think I might name it Matilda; I have no clue why but when I was using it that’s the name that came to me.

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