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Learning Tarot

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

D’s (youngest boy) tummy was giving him issues this morning so no class. Instead, I did Gentle Yoga Flow and decided to track my cigs again. I’m trying the Sway app for tracking; it has a timer for when you can smoke again and stay on track with your quit date. I think this will be great for me if I can remember to log every cig. I also decided that I want to learn my tarot decks so I’m starting with 2 of the 3 of them, Celtic and Herbcrafters. I will draw a card from each, write what looking at the card says to me, then what the book says.


7 The Chariot Cedar

Me – I find this card enchanting with the night sky framed with the branches and tree of life symbol made from cedar branches circled with seeds. To me, this speaks of the interconnections of our world and how plants support or help us at every step, whether we allow them to or notice it doesn’t matter, they still are there for us helping and supporting us. Cedar itself for me is very grounding and comfortable like a warm hug or that’s how the smell makes me feel, the lovely dirt, musty smell with pine undertones.

Book – Life is forward moving gift. Embark on a deeper quest; learn from ancient wisdom and forge a new path. Cedar is both a spiritual vessel used in sacred ceremonies and a literal vessel when it is used for making canoes. Like strong, flexible cedar roots finding their way through the forest, de determined and opportunistic. Travel between the world of heaven and earth. Bring the knowledge of spirit and soul into the body just as the cedar trunk contains the stories of the earth. Have faith in the experience. It isn’t the triumph but the journey that leads to mastery.


0 The Fool

Me – There is so much going on with this car, the white roses of purity or innocence, the dog as protector, a person happy and with purpose off on a trip. Looks like about to walk off a cliff but I feel they aren’t that they know even if they can’t see it now the world will provide, and they have nothing to worry about. The horse continues to on and being so close shows, that this is where the person is meant to be and the mean-looking dog is the protector that moves or helps with obstacles (there is an 11 on his bag).

Book – on the verge of something new, may make you feel uncomfortable, but change is often good. Courage is needed to take those first steps, which could be a warning of not taking risks and just watching as things pass you by. Stop talking yourself out of stuff, have faith, and take heed that the new beginning is necessary

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