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It’s Has Been Crazy

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I spent the 27th and 28th redoing the blog; it turned out that once I decided to rebrand everything to look and feel the same I needed to pick a new theme for the site and start there. None of the “packaged” ones were what I wanted, I picked something I liked the look of and went from there. This led to a total rework and update of the site.

After I got the coloring and feel correct, it was time to update the home page which included adding member-only areas and content. The areas weren’t too hard to add just time-consuming; adding the member-only content was a bit trickier. That required going through all the blog posts and adding content that I would like to share with paying members while learning the software.

I think besides testing everything to make sure it works, I have it all redone and ready to go. During all this, I had to redo the podcast site also but at least that was just an image upload and color change. I’m already starting to think I should have gone with a web host instead of managed hosting. Well, I have a week or so to decide and get my money back or I can just leave it for the year and make the change next year.

Today I have spent typing up blog posts from this month, everything else in life has gotten in the way of blog posts and schooling. I believe everything else is almost to a finishing point and we can get back to our normal frequent herbal posts.

Oh, I ordered a few herbs yesterday, we can’t ever forget to share that info. I ordered passionflower and nettle seeds; E has been having sleeping issues at night and staying awake issues during the day. Passionflower has helped him in the past, given this, the plan is to have him drink passionflower tea before bed, take a cup of it with him to bed to sip overnight if awake, and take a teaspoon or two of nettle seeds midafternoon when he starts to fade. On top of this, we are adding a probiotic since I know he has digestive issues and I think they might be affecting his sleep. They should be here today or tomorrow at which point he will start on this for a week to see how it goes.

The other thing I need to do is find/write up disclaimers for the artwork and the blog. Nana wants something like “the drawings are original artwork of Debora J. Brown and are based off images found on the web” so that people don’t try to say they are theirs because they might look similar, I’m not an artist so I don’t know why it matters since she embeds her signature into all her art but I’m sure there is some weird reason. I know I have to have a disclaimer about herbal information and products that may seem silly if you aren’t in the industry, so I get it.

Look what was awaiting us when we got home! I tried a small bit of each right out of the bag and both are very fresh and wonderful. Gave E his first nettle seed teaspoon, so we will see how that goes. The passionflower tea and probiotic he will take later.

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