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Honeys, Glycerites, & Vinegar

We recently harvested honey from our hive; a few days later our Lemon Balm needed trimming. What perfect timing. I put all the trimmings into a 4 oz. jar and topped with honey. This sat in the window for the next 28 days being flipped each day.

Nettle Infused Honey

Lemon Balm Infused Honey

The same week I had to go to the pool store for chlorine, the manager has allergy issues and was fighting hard that day. I offered to bring her some Nettle Honey to see if it would help her. When I got home, I filled a 4 oz. jar mostly full of dried nettle leaf, topped with fresh honey and macerated for 28 days in the window being flipped daily.

Nettle Lemon Balm Honey Infusion

After straining the honeys, I rinsed the jars in hot water, poured this, the marc from the honeys, and enough hot water to fill the French press. This infused overnight and was a lovely drink the next day.

Nettle Glycerite; Alfalfa Glycerite

Last month I was looking into things to help our older dog and decided that nettle and alfalfa would be good for him. I know that I can’t get enough tea into him so glycerites are my current answer.

We all need more vitamins and minerals in our diet; when I was in Herbalism for Beginners earlier this year, I formulated a tea to help with this. Given that vinegar is great at extracting vitamins and minerals it seems the perfect solvent for this.


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