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BTS: AR Filters

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Today I want to show you my newfound fun, AR Filter creation. About two days ago I was reading up on using Instagram for business and one of the suggestions I saw was to make AR Filters to get your name out there. I had no clue what these were, but after a quick search I realized what they are.

I went over to Spark AR which is what the article suggests (sorry don’t remember the name of the article but it was on HootSuite site), downloaded the software, and started going through the tutorials. This was way too easy since it has a Photoshop feel about it, at least to me, and I play in Photoshop all the time.

Screen capture by Athena Herder

I started with the idea of wanting to make a crown out of the herbs in my logo, but that turned into a bandana or headband instead since I was mostly playing with the facemask options of the program. Then I decided I loved the idea of being able to put on a different herbal face paint each day depending on how I felt.

Screen capture by Athena Herder

I created a face mask for most of the herbs that are in the logo, there might be 1-2 that I missed or decided didn’t look right. Then I started doing cheek paints, or headbands. In total, I made about 30 different filters. I only uploaded 3 for public use so far but over the next few weeks, I will release more.

I’m enjoying this so much that I have decided to go through the 11 or 12 hours of training to learn Spark AR in depth. We will see if I manage to do so since I have a lot of other studying to do also.

What type of herbal AR Filters would you like to see?

Post your response in the comments section

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