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A Week of Herbal Fun

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

This week's herbal fun started with working on the course I’m writing, I’ll tell you more about this in a future post and ended with me moving all the coursework into the live class. The pilot class is at the halfway point this Friday, so far it has been very successful.

Tuesday was my turn to go to Nana’s. Every other week is great timing since so much is in bloom at her house. We have been harvesting Mullein leaves, Roses, and Yellow Dock; actually, she has been harvesting these things, I just tell her what things and when. The Goldenrod and Vervain are starting to get tall and are looking lovely. The elders are doing very well but we are worried the birds will get most of the berries so we hung a few CDs in a few of the trees; we will see if it helps.

Friday, I went through every page of the website and made sure it looks correct on both computer and mobile, so if you see anything strange, please let me know.

OH! Herbers, you got a new page Herb Search which allows you to search for herbs by energetics, herbal actions, or both. This should assist you when you are formulating or pairing herbs with people and issues.

The weekend was spent transplanting the blueberries, St. John’s Wort, and Firecracker we got from the Native Plant Sale not too long ago. I finally decided to put the other Elder in the ground, it seems much happier. Also, managed to rake up a large part of the backyard, the hope is to reclaim the area between the pool and the fence. This led to finding Cosmos growing. During our breaks, I helped Duncan make a tincture and I mixed a tincture for myself of equal parts, Blue Vervain, Calendula, and Licorice Root, to aid my digestion.

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