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Welcome to Arizkatt's Herbs

Helping you find your herbal way through décor, workshops, classes, and memberships.

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Current Courses

Classroom scene where four students are measuring out items.  The two in the back are measuring oil

Finding Your Herbal Way

Finding Your Herbal Way is the perfect hybrid course for those looking to get started on their herbal journey. In this course, you will learn how to make various herbal medicines, forage for at least 2 plants, and work with 5 plants of your choice. Additionally, you will learn to understand herbal energetics and actions, allowing you to create remedies tailored to individual needs.


12 weeks with 6 four hour in person meetings

Location TBD (Johns Island or West Ashley)

Up to 6 people

In-Person Workshops @ Home

Mixing water and oil phases of lotion

Herbal Remedy Making Workshops

We provide herbal workshops and herb walks, so you can learn to make herbal remedies at home or learn about the plants in your yard, we come to you. Experience the power of plants with us.

From $115

1 or 2 hour workshops