’round the Fire April 3rd 2022

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’round the Fire is a weekly podcast that will be posted every Sunday, this week’s transcript appears below.

Welcome to ‘Round the Fire where we look at what happened this week. Unfortunately, I’m not caught up on podcast recordings, so these are only available in post form at the moment.  I am working on getting up to date with the podcast, but it is taking longer than I would like.

Herbers, this week was a bit slow with only one post just for you but it’s a good one. Steam Distillation and Spagyrics which is about the class I took. It was such a magical night filled with learning.  Oh, you also saw the addition of the Herber mug to Creations, our online merchandise store.

On Sunday we saw my ode to lavender

Lavender, oh lavender why do you forsake me
I would love to bask in your loveliness as all others say
But each time we meet you sink me to the ground where you leave me

You can read more about our adventures together in the post Lavender, Oh Lavender, Oh Why Lavender.

Monday was National Weed Appreciation Day and we talked about the different weeds in my yard, what plants I see as “weeds” and creating a mixed lawn with grass and herbs.

Tuesday, we did a check In with Viola which is going crazy in my yard; hopeful this week I will get a chance to harvest some.

Friday was Filter Friday where I post new Facebook and Instagram filters; this weeks were Nettle Facemask & Mullein Full Face.  Both put the plants on your cheeks.

There were other things that happened this week but haven’t made it to the site yet, some of these were:

I moved calendula & marshmallow from AeroGarden to outside; calendula went to the Bee Garden and Marshmallow started the new area in the backyard we will be working on.  In this area, we want to have marshmallow, Solomon seal, and maybe a few others that like dappled sunlight and moist soil.

The thyme, spearmint, and Thai basil that I started in the AeroGarden around the beginning of the year, then moved to pots were finally planted in the Bee Garden.

Recorded Check-ins with comfrey, pineapple sage, plantain, and poke, these will be posted throughout this month.

Noticed the Pawpaw and lemon are starting to flower

Recorded Plant Sit Meditation with Lemon, Pawpaw, and Comfrey; these will be posted later this month.

And I saved the biggest news for last….Arizkatt’s Herbs became an official business on March 29th when I received my zoning and business license.

That wraps up this episode of ‘Round the Fire, I hope you join me again next week for another episode.  In the meantime, you can find everything we talked about on www.arizkattsherbs.com. Take care and see you soon.

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