’round the Fire April 10th, 2022

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Welcome to ‘Round the Fire where we look at what happened this week. Unfortunately, I’m not caught up on podcast recordings, so these are only available in post form at the moment. I am working on getting up to date with the podcast, but it is taking longer than I would like. On that note, I got a lot of them recorded last week, so now they are in editing. With any luck, there should be five or more coming out this week. Let’s get into what happened this week.

Herbers, this week you got the Vitamin C Boost formula, how it was formulated, and how to use it. You also got the script for “Get Comfortable” where we take a close-up look at plants.

Monday was National Vitamin C Day and we talked about different herbs with high vitamin C levels and created a formula to help boost our vitamin C intake.

Tuesday, we did a plant check-in with Comfrey; it’s doing so well.

Wednesday, we saw the beginning of the “Get Comfortable” video series I’m doing where we will be getting up close and personal with different plants and herbs in my yard. We kick off the series with lemon.

Thursday, we did another plant check-in this time with calendula which just got moved out to the bee garden.

Friday was filter Friday, this week’s filter lets you put yourself in the Arizkatt’s Logo. So, now you can be surrounded by all those lovely hand-drawn herbs.

There were other things that happened this week but haven’t made it to the site yet, some of these were:

I attended a Herbal Circle Meet & Greet, since we just had an influx of members into the circle it was time to meet everyone again. For those that don’t know what the Herbal Circle is, it is a business group for herbalists; a link to find out more is on the website. 

I just noticed I failed to tell you all about 7Song’s Anatomy & Physiology of Male Reproductive System classes on the last ‘round the Fire. Sorry about that, they were awesome classes and I highly recommend watching the replays. You can find them on his youtube page. I attended both classes and the information and way he shared it was awesome; I’ll be rewatching these a few times.

I’m working through the Materia Medica section of my courses since I know most of the herbs in there and I have just been putting off going through them all. I created yet another database to keep track of all the monograph information, this time it is an online database. Herbers you will most likely start seeing reports and other things directly out of the new database soon. I’m also looking to see if I can give you viewing access to the whole database. Stay tuned for more on that.

That wraps up this episode of ‘Round the Fire, I hope you join me again next week for another episode. In the meantime, you can find everything we talked about on the website, arizkattsherbs.com. Take care and see you soon.

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