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Herbal Formulations

I share two different things, “recipes or band-aids” and formulas.  Recipes are things I make that are done with an issue but no person in mind. For example, the bruise and wound salve was created to help with bruises and wounds; I did not think about who might be using it.  Whereas formals are things I make for specific people.  I share the person’s general makeup what issues they are presenting with and what we are going to do about it (I do not disclose identifying information or any information without the person’s consent).

Herbal Products

These are products that I make, which I tend to do in small batches. They are available for purchase only to members. Members are welcome to make product requests. The formulas for these products are in the Formulations area, in case you would like to make them yourself. In the future, I will add videos of how I make these products.

Lotions – Mature Skin w/Magnesium, Mature Skin, Bug Repellant, and more.

Body Butters – Calendula Pumpkin Seed Oil, and more.

Salves – Joint Support, Bruise & Wound Support, and more.

Glycerites/Tinctures – Calendula, Lemon Balm, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Chamomile, Eleuthero Root, and more.

From the Hive – Pressed raw honey, and beeswax.

Teas – Allergy, Vitamins & Mineral, Tangy, Chai’s, Overheating, and more.

10% Off Discount

10% off Creations

Design & Product Vote
At least each quarter a new design or product needs to be picked and what better way to do it than to have you all vote on what you would like to see? Don’t see the products you want? No worries, as a Herber you can request additions to our collection.

These are my full monographs, they have the basic information that you see in posts on the site plus a lot more. My monographs are a bit different from others in the fact that they link to the information instead of listing it, the listed information is my personal experiences with the plant.

Course Notes
This is as boring as it sounds and what started the website. These are notes, journal prompts, and responses for the courses I’m taking; allowing you to walk along with me on this journey.

Behind-the-Scenes (BTS)
Pictures, videos, posts, etc. about how things come to be on the website or my other web presences. Want to know how I do something? Just ask and I will answer either with a post or video. Some BTS are public.

And More
Other little things from time to time to show my appreciation.

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