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Planning, Planning, Planning

Started my day again with probiotic, a cup of allergy, vit/min, mullein tea (needed the extra lung support today), and a cig (I’m going to track these, damn it!). Looked into WordPress and Blogger for blogs, signed up for both, and still can’t decide. WordPress is cleaner and easier to move if I choose to do so but Blogger allows me to make money off ads, so I’m leaning towards Blogger since I’m pretty sure they both are going to want to show ads, I might as well get paid for them, but we will see.

Then it was onto classwork, I did the Marshmallow section of the Materia Medica course since it will be my herb of the week or month, OH CRAP…never mind, I don’t have any so need to pick different herb and make a list of herbs, I don’t have that are covered in the course so that I can get anything I don’t have.

Ok, now that I have the list of all the herbs in the courses and know what I need to get, I can pick an herb of the week/month. In case you are wondering why I keep saying herb of the week/month it’s because I’m going to be spending between a week to a month on each herb. The amount of time will depend on how well I already know the herb, if it is something I use often, it’s a monograph and other things will be easy to do, and I will move on. Whereas herbs I haven’t really work with before are going to take longer as I get to know them.

The herb I will be starting with is Slippery Elm, I used an 8-sided die to decide since I wasn’t really drawn to anyone on the I have list. I’m less than thrilled to start here but that is ok. I don’t really know anything about this herb other than I purchased it when I was doing a different class and I opted to skip it when I read that it is snotty slimy, I don’t do snotty slimy things.

Onto the Blog, I decided to use Blogger since AdSense is available for it but after signing up I noticed “how to qualify for AdSense” and I’m not sure this blog will since I just started it. If that turns out to be true I may decide to move to WordPress since it is easy to move to my own host as the site grows but moving a Blogger site doesn’t seem possible.

Then I realized that if I really want to be able to get all this schooling done, I’m going to have to make some money. My first thought was affiliate programs and started looking into them. I figure since I’m going to be linking to the places I love or use, affiliate programs might be a good idea, some to look into are:






  • Look and see about Kami, Roselle, Herbal Passion, Learning herbs, CommonWealth, Amazon, and any others I can come up with

Besides AdSense and affiliate programs I need to start thinking of other things that could help pay for my education. Here are some of my thoughts on how I can make the money needed:

  • Monthly Herbal Boxes: 1-2 herbal items and writeup about items in the box

  • Teach classes on herbs

  • A website with detailed information on what I’m doing including my formulations (recipes) with explanations of why each herb was chosen – monthly subscription fee

If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments; also would you be interested in any of these offerings?

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