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I recently realized that I could schedule posts, this both is great and sucks.  It is great because I can spend a day or two typing up posts and have them show throughout the month.  It sucks because I would really like to be posting and sharing daily, not scheduling posts out.  However, I have come to realize that posting every day for me is not an option without scheduled posts.

I have decided that it isn’t right that I disappear for days, and you all are left without new content, so schedule posting is the answer.  Now there will be new content even on days that I’m in rabbit holes, which we all know can happen often.

So, what does scheduling posts look like?  Well, it starts with a calendar that I mark all the “celebratory” days that I like on, I get this list from National Today.  Then I think about what I have been working on, what I’m planning to work on that month, and start filling in ideas for posts.  As I decide what I want to post, I type them up, schedule them for posting on the blog, Facebook and Instagram.

I found screen recording software so here is a video of the process.

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