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Wax Myrtle

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The day started cold and promised to stay cold even more so since we had an herb walk at the beach.  In case you have never been to the beach in winter, it’s cold even in the south.  Ok, there is a major winter storm hitting everyone around us, so it is colder than normal. 

Since I had hours to kill before the walk, I decided to plan out February’s posts and start working on them.  I got February all planned and most of a post done before it was time to go.  I was correct it hasn’t gotten any warmer.  We did the Folly Forage offered by Yahola Herbal School. Duncan went with me on the walk, and we had never been to Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve before, at least that we knew of. 

As we got closer to the end of the road, which we had been to, I saw April standing off to the side in front of plants of course, so I knew we were in the correct place.  I get my stuff together and out of the car we go, oh my it’s cold.

We walked just a short distance during this walk but there was plenty to see and learn about.  I didn’t manage to get pictures of everything but here are most of them.

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I had a wonderful time and it was totally worth braving the cold for, I look forward to joining another walk soon.

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