Christmas Tree Hydrosol

A half gallon mason jar full of fresh made pine hydrosol

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For my birthday my hubby got a small stovetop distiller.  Yesterday and today, I have been making Christmas tree hydrosol out of our Christmas tree.  I think our tree was a Douglas fir tree but I’m not sure which is why I’m calling it Christmas tree hydrosol.  Yesterday, I was so excited to make hydrosol that I forgot to measure what I was using.  I did end up with 3 cups of hydrosol.

Today I watch a video of someone using a copper distiller and she said that if you see steam then you are running too hot, reduce your heat, and/or increase your ice depending on where you are seeing the steam.  I decided with this new information that I would do any other batch, hey why not, I have a whole tree just waiting to be used.  This time I got 6 cups of hydrosol quite a bit more.  I’m loving this and now looking around at what I have enough of to make into hydrosols.

Distiller, pine needles in a jar, half gallon catching jar setup to make hydrosol

I’m hoping my press gets here this week so that I can press out the oils I have going and make some lotion with the hydrosol.

I also started inventory since I finally finished the database area that will track all my inventory.

Christmas Tree Hydrosol

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