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I’ve been sitting here recording the podcast of old posts; sitting there looking out the front window and it’s beautiful outside today absolutely beautiful. It’s kind of funny as I’ve been sitting here reading over the post it’s so hard not to say, “that’s not how it’s done anymore” or to change them and tell you how it is now. Since these posts are from like August of last year, December of last year, beginning of this year, you know we’re not quite up to where we are today yet. We’re getting there, I’m cranking through them as quickly as possible. I keep seeing things that say, “Oh well we’re gonna do it this way”, and no that’s changed now that’s not how we’re doing it anymore. So, anybody listening to the podcast you’re getting bad information, things have changed.

Looking Back…how product listing used to be done on Arizkatt's Herbs.
Looking Back…how product listing used to be done on Arizkatt’s Herbs.

 I just wanted to jump on here and tell you how it’s really interesting to actually go through your old stuff, even if it’s only just a month old. You know this podcast and the website only started back last July, June, August something like that. It hasn’t been that long, but the amount of progress, growth, and things have changed in just that amount of time. It’s just amazing.

It’s really nice to look back and see how you’ve grown and what’s changed and what’s the same. Anyways, I highly encourage all of you out there listening to take a moment and go back through your Facebook feeds, your Instagram feeds, your social media, your camera roll, whatever it is that you have. Look at what you’ve done over not just the past month, the past year. Go back even further than that, where were you two years ago? Three years ago? Four years ago? Five years ago?

Looking Back...Arizkatt's Herbs original Clothing & Décor shop.
Looking Back…Arizkatt’s Herbs original Clothing & Décor shop.

How much have you progressed?

Are there things back then you did that if you were to redo today you’d do differently?

I know there is in my past, in the things I’ve created before. Actually, you guys might see them resurface again in the future. As I decide on what could be cleaned up and polished and represented in a nicer format. We’ll see. Anyways, I just wanted to check in and let you know that it’s really nice to spend a whole day just looking back at what you’ve already done.

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