Herbal Conferences and Spagyrics, My Head is Spinning!

plants in glass laboratory equipment casting shadows on white surface

This last weekend I attend the Plant Spirit Herbal Summit which was wonderful.  I didn’t catch everything, but I did get to see these lovely herbalists speak: Kate Clearlight, Natasha Mann, Kat Maier, Kristen Caissie, Khetnu Nefer, Shane Mendonsa, Elsie Lopez, Margi Flint, and Lupo Passero.

Then Monday, started the Herbal Entrepreneur Conference which runs all week.  This conference has been awesome.  The herbalists and range of topics have been amazing.  Today’s lineup promises to be as good if not better than yesterday.  I’m part of the VIP group which allows you to attend the lunchroom discussions, and those have been interesting and fun. This is running all week and the conference is free, come check it out.

Then this Friday I’m taking a Steam Distillation and Spagyrics at Yahola Herbal School.  I can’t wait!  I have been looking for more information on spagyrics for a bit now, so I was over the moon when I saw April’s posting about this class. It looks like there is still room in this class if anyone is interested.

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