MHR Delivery & Cleaning Washing Machine

Alter area that has had the bottom cleaned out so that herbs can be stored here

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Mountain Rose Herb order arrived today.  Now I get to play with hydrosols more; I purchased four different ones before I knew I had a distiller but that is ok since if I like these ones, now I can make them.  I also was worried about having room for all these new herbs, but hubby was awesome and cleaned out the cabinet under our altar area for me to use. Now I decide what goes in which cabinets.

At this point, my herbs take up a whole wall of counter and cabinets plus the under area of our altar area.  My hubby is awesome in finding new places in the kitchen I can use as I run out of room.  Lucky for me we have a huge kitchen, then again I made sure of that when we were buying a house.

Current herb area overflowing with things

On the note of hydrosols, we have a front load washer which comes with the issue of mildew smell (yes, we leave the door open when not in use).  I hate this smell and have tried all kinds of things to keep this smell out of my washer but most only work for a day if that.  Well, yesterday I decided to put a cup of Christmas tree hydrosol, a handful of baking soda, and half a cup of white vinegar in the washer and run the clean washer setting (yes, washers have these, or at least front loaders do). 

Afterward, I did three or four loads of laundry.  Normally about this time, you can start to smell a bit of mildew again but not this time.  Our youngest came home while the last batch was in the dryer, and I told him “Go smell the washer”

He looked at me like yeah right, not sure about that, “why what’s it smell like?”

Dad jumps in with “nothing”

“Just go smell it”

“But what does it smell like?”

“Your dad already told you, so go smell it.”

He did and comes back and says “wow, I really wasn’t expecting that, it smells like nothing”

Now to see how long it lasts like this, but at least now I have a way to get it back to smelling like nothing. As I make more hydrosol I will have to try them this way too and see which I like the best.

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