Herb Delivery

Herbal delivery, packing paper removed exposing packing slip and bags of herbs.

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I ordered a bunch of herbs on the 28th of last month, thanks to my mother-in-law (Moogie) and Nana’s Yule gifts, and today they started to arrive.  Today’s delivery is from San Francisco Herbs, this is my first order with them.  Overall, I’m very happy with my order, even though one bag opened a bit and spilled a little.  Not enough to be a deal but I will email them and let them know.  I do not expect or feel a need for a replacement or anything of the sort, I will be emailing them just as a heads up in case they have a set of faulty bags. I love looking at herbs so here is a gallery of what all came today. 

Another part of the database was tested, receiving, and I found out that my inventory logic is faulty but that is ok since I know exactly what is wrong with it and how to fix it; added bonus, it is an easy fix.

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