Greenery Around the House

Handmade olive oil lamp with pine and bay wreath around it sitting on a green bookcase against a forest background. Photo by Athena Herder

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My youngest brought home a whole bunch of bay branches home from school (he’s in culinary school), turns out one of the chefs has a tree and brought in this week’s pruning.  There was enough bay to last a restaurant a lifetime or at least many years. Once everyone had what they wanted my son asked to take the rest home and of course, Chef said yes.

This led to me offering everyone I know bay for a week or so, then I made wreaths, which is what the kids wanted us to do with it.  We made one with bay and pieces off the bottom of our Christmas tree for the front door and a bay-only one to hang in the tree outback.  That left more to do something with, so I decided to make little wreaths to go around our olive oil-burning “candles”.  The rest to my son’s dismay I tossed in the yard to compost after moving them all over the house for a few weeks and telling anyone and everyone if they want it to take it now.

I love the look of them and think, now that I know a friend also has a bay tree, that I may need to do this every year (if she is willing).

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