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Energetics, posted in Course Notes


Intro to the Basics and The Warrior Series with Ashton August



5 of Fire Black Cohosh

Me – I don’t know this herb personally.  The image is long fluffy white lowers like goldenrod but white with leaves like lemon balm; they are in front of a red barn making for a big contrast

Book – 5’s are plants on the endangered list.  Honor fire that uses within.  Don’t deny your anger or let it control you. Is your anger righteous or out of fear and insecurity?  Teaches us to harness the power of our own creative sources


2 of Wands

Me – a person on the top of a castle gazing into a fire orb, holding a wand while a red dragon peeks over the wall with a wand in its mouth.  The sun is either setting or rising over the mountains.  There’s fog at the base of the mountains.  This is a very fiery card

Book – suggests incredibly successful but are you entirely satisfied> person on the card is bored stiff, walled in, a victim of own success. River tells of a journey that still could be made, will you do it, will you do something this time that brings you happiness, contentment, and accomplishment? Be guided by your inner wisdom.

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