Nana’s Visit

Arizkatt and Duncan in the field at McLeod Plantation

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I had family in town from October 18th until November 2nd; Nana, my aunt, and my cousin came to visit; Nana for the full two weeks, the others just 4 days.  During their visit we mostly worked on Nana’s new house and getting it ready for our oldest son to move in; he will be renting it until she moves out in a few years, or that is the current plan. We did take one day to play tourists, went to the beach and to a plantation. 

During their time here I didn’t think I did a lot of herbal things since we were mostly working on the house but then I realized that I did quite a bit.  While they were here, they drank the herbal teas I have premade (allergy, vit min, tangy, heartburn, overheating, dry cough, etc.), I’m not sure which they drank but I know each morning they made themselves a cup of some type of tea.

My aunt has been having a stressful time one day was particularly hard, that day we tried out a few adaptations which helped a lot.  I ended up sending her home with lemon balm glycerite.  On a different day, she was suffering from what looked like a tension headache with muscle tightness; I had her use some of the cross liniment I have, it worked great for her, and she purchased the bottle from me.  I sent her home with nettle honey (allergies), honey, pain salve, and lemon balm glycerite.

While Nana was still here, I got a coffee pot to use as a “Mr. Infusion” and I made chai tea in it.  It was wonderful and so easy, I love it.  We started a new patch of pain oil, but I don’t have enough oil for all the material I have, need to pick up more.  Seems I will be making quite a bit this round since I have a quart already going and at least 1 or 2 quarts waiting for oil.

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