Items used to made facemask, herbal blend and jade raw honey

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Today I decided to make up the facemask Kajah talked about in the Quick Easy Skin Care section.  She uses bentonite clay and enough honey to make it into play dough consistency.  When I started getting everything ready to make this, I noticed that I have rosehip powder and passionflower powder.  I was pretty sure both these were good for the skin, but I did a quick search to make sure, and they are.  I added them to the clay then mixed in raw honey until playdough consistency.   I put this in a 4 oz jar for storing. 

I took a little over a quarter-size piece of the facemask dough and added enough orange blossom water to make it into a spreadable paste.  This paste is the facemask, I spread it all over my face and let it sit for about 10-20 mins or until it was dry and tight.  Off to shower it off, this stuff takes a bit of massaging to remove.  After the shower, I sprayed my face with rose water toner and rubbed in jojoba oil.  This all felt great, and I look forward to doing it again soon. 

Arizkatt’s Facemask

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