Goldenrod Found

Goldenrod up close and personal. Fluffy yellow flowers coming of deep green leaves.

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I have been busy getting Nana’s house ready for J to move in sometime this month.  Since this isn’t an herbal thing, I don’t think I have shared here what is going on, so I will try to give a quick rundown.

Nana (our resident artist and my mother) purchased a house here in SC back in May.  The plan was, my oldest would move in and rent it for up to the next 4-5yrs when Nana retires and moves out here.  We thought he would be able to move in by August at the latest since there were a few things that needed addressing first.  Those things became: new foundation in half the house, new subfloors in both bathrooms, gutting bathrooms to the studs, replacing rotten studs, new plumbing throughout house, new HVAC system, new well pump, septic inspected and pumped, kitchen counters resurfaced, new locks installed, new fire detectors installed, and new door installed.  I think that is the full list. 

Anyways, we started on all this right away so that we would hopefully be done by August and he could move in before school started but that didn’t happen.  Instead, we spent from May to September finding a plumber, getting HVAC and well stuff done, and scheduling the foundation which the soonest start was set at Oct 4th.  So, this whole month has mostly been spent dealing with all this and being at Nana/J’s house for all the appointments.  The cool thing is there are plants everywhere so I’m able to do something while I wait.

Today I’m up at the house for day two of the foundation work, I’m hoping today is better than yesterday.  Yesterday was a day of ups and downs, it seemed like every hour the foundation people were telling me more bad news sprinkled with good news.  At least I finally found and met with a plumber I feel I can partly trust.  Our last plumber I don’t trust at all and only used him for the cutoff because I couldn’t get ahold of any other plumber, but that issue is fixed now.

The foundation guys were already here when I got here this morning and the update says they will be done today instead of tomorrow, awesome! While they are off doing their job in the house, I walk around the yard looking at all the new plant friends I need to learn.  Is that goldenrod I’m seeing?  OH, MY IT IS!!!

Patch of Goldenrod in front of a ran down trailer. A perfect example of life and decay.
Photo by Arizkatt

I have been seeing posts all over the herbal sites about goldenrod and how it is time for harvesting. I don’t know this herb; I know what it looks like, but I have never read up on it or used it before.  I decided since it is on the list of herbs, I need to learn for my courses that I will harvest a bunch of it, and it will be the next herb of the month.

Goldenrod strands laid out on a blue towel in the back of a car.
Photo by Arizkatt

I harvested enough to fill my trunk area laid out on a towel, I figure this is about a dehydrator full and that I need to stop now.  When I got home, I laid it all out in the dehydrator and put it on 90 degrees for 10 hours total. Now I need to garble it and learn how to use it.

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