Talk to Nana Day

It’s talk to Nana Day! This is a 4-5 hour marathon call that happens every Monday.  It started years ago when I would take the boys to classes and be sitting in the car waiting for them, she would call me and we would just talk until they were done.  Those classes have been over for a few years now, but we still do our weekly Monday calls, since she isn’t off on the days I now sit and wait for a boy.

While we were talking, she asked if people would be able to purchase the drawings she has been doing and I told her yes, go look at the shop.  She meant license the images for use, to which I told her, not at this time and I’m not sure we want to do that, lets’s talk about it a bit more before we decide.  But what I could do, if she would like, is make a section of the shop that has just her artwork without any of my modifications.  This area could have any of her artwork in it, not just the stuff she is doing for me.  She loved this idea; I proceeded to make a Deb Brown section of the store and I uploaded all of the artwork she has done for me.  It looks great and she is pleased!

Since I was already working on CafePress things, I decided to redo the logo and load it to the store.  It looks great but I’m not sure I like it on clothes, I’m not big on a square image on my chest or back.  Might have to play with this a bit and see what I can come up with, like maybe making the background transparent would make it look better.

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