Library Day!

Rainy day so off to search for a library to use instead of the park, bonus libraries have Wi-Fi.  Ok there are two libraries in the area one that opens at 9am and the other at 10am, 9am Charleston County for the win.  I head over there and get there 10 mins before opening, so I sit in the car for a bit enjoying the sounds of the rain.  It’s open, now for the rush to the door so that my things and I aren’t too wet. It’s a cute little library that the librarians are so proud of, upon walking in they greet you and tell you all about the new upgrades.  I have to say it is quite nice. 

I find a table next to a plug-in since my battery doesn’t last for crap and start in on getting the Nettle Monograph finished. I’m very close to done when I realize it is 11am and I wanted to get some of the blog posts recorded for the podcast.  I can’t really do that in the open area of the library especially not this one since it is so small. I decide to head back to the school and record in the car since it will be mostly quiet if I leave the windows up which is required given that it is raining.

I get back to the school and get all set up only to have the recording software start acting up like there is no connection even though I’m on data.  After a frustrating 20 mins, I finally get it to work and get 3 or 4 posts recorded. Not too bad for a 4 to 5-hour stint.  Off to home where life picks up and herbs are on hold while we continue the painting and other things.

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