Found Park Close

Since the 27th I have been painting our house and other life things which is why the updates have been few. 

Today I decided to try out the little park across the railroad tracks from D’s school (youngest son).  It’s a baseball field with a little covered table area.  It would be perfect if the power worked but it doesn’t, I’m sure I could ask someone but not that worried about it. 

It was a beautiful morning and at 9am a baseball game started.  It was quite lovely to sit there watching the game, doing the Nettle section of the class, and taking the quiz (100%).  Then I started working on the Nettle Monograph but ran out of power before I could finish and needed to pee, so it was back to the school; the bathrooms at the park are locked.  I did notice a breaker box at the end of the shelter area so next time I will try throwing the breaker to see if I get power.  Hopefully, I’ll get Nettle done later today or tomorrow.

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