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My new computer came yesterday, I spent all day moving everything from the old one to the new one.  I’m impressed with the speed and battery life; I had forgotten what it is like to use a computer that can keep up with what you are doing.  OH MY, I had Photoshop, Chrome, Word, Excel, and Access open AT THE SAME TIME!!!  That would have crashed my other system.

Today I’m at the park using my new computer and the battery has lasted the whole time, guess I don’t need a park with power anymore, still need Wi-Fi but the library is nice.  As I sat at the park enjoying the overcast day, working on the mini monographs for the merchandise shop, it starts to rain.  At first, it wasn’t anything big just some sprinkles, then it started dumping. 

It was probably a funny sight to see me sitting with my computer, suddenly jump up, frantically grab the computer, all my crap, and rush to the next table inside the shelter; but it gets better because this morning someone else is also hanging out killing time reading a book, so anyone watching got to see two people that went from, “this is nice” to “OH CRAP, MOVE!” 

All was good, we got moved and nothing got too wet; the rain stopped, and the sun came out 10 mins later. I did get the mini monographs done for Lemon Balm, Burdock, Dandelion, and Mullein.

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