Back at the Park

Tried throwing the breaker this morning but it didn’t do anything so there must be a main breaker somewhere else.  Oh well, guess I’ll have to find another park, Wannamaker is just up the road a bit and we have a pass so that is an option and maybe they have Wi-Fi. 

While I waited for D to do his class, I recorded more posts to the podcast; this is really starting to come along.  E (hubby) is working on the music still but hopefully, he will be done with it soon and we will be able to release the podcast with it being up to date with the blog, or that is the plan.

I worked through the lotion section of my class and took the quiz (100%).  Then I started redoing the logo with Nana’s drawings, as I was doing so, I realized we somehow missed plantain; no worries she’s on it.  During all this I start thinking how it would be really cool to have her drawings on merchandise, I run this past her and of course, she’s all for it. 

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