23rd Wedding Anniversary

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Today is our anniversary but we celebrated yesterday with a lovely dinner and a show, giving me today to work on Arizkatt’s Herbs.  E shared the music he has been working on and I really like it.  Now to figure out how to get it recorded nicely and get it loaded to the podcast.

I have spent the last few days making the merchandise store have the look and feel I want (branding); now that I’m happy with it, it is time to make the blog and podcast have the same look and feel. I started on the blog and quickly decided that this was going to be harder than I wanted since I don’t have full control; I’m used to running things on a web host and having full control that is not how my blog is done.  It is hosted through WordPress.com which gives you limited access to things depending on your package and I’m on the free one.

After spending almost all day looking at different hosts and packages offered, I’m back to WordPress.com’s medium package since I really don’t want the headache of maintaining a web server and neither does E, this means giving up control for less headache in the long run, OK bring on the headache of breaking code to get it to do what I want in the limited editor I’m allowed.

Now that I have a domain and the package that will allow me to make member-only areas and content, I will be working on that tomorrow along with getting the blog branded to my liking.

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