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Yesterday was the first day of school, so my schedule has totally changed.  Time to figure it all out again.  Our oldest son is a junior at College of Charleston and our youngest is a senior/sophomore at Culinary Institute of Charleston.  I say senior/sophomore for him because he is in his senior year of high school and his sophomore year in college.  This poses an issue in my schedule because he is only 16 and doesn’t have his license yet, he is working on it.  This means he takes the “mom taxi” to and from wherever he needs to go.

Given that his school is an hour’s drive from us, and his classes last anywhere from three to five hours, I normally just stay around the area (less gas and driving for me).  Now that I’m in school too I thought this would be great, I drop him off, go to the library and get my work done, pick him up, go home, and have the rest of the day to get other things done.  Well, not so much; the library at his school is closed to the public, the public library down the street opens at 10am (his classes start at 8am most days), not sure if local or county parks have wifi.  I need the internet to do research and post my writeups, I can watch the videos and whatnot on my phone since I have unlimited data but doing research and writeups on the phone is a pain.  I’m going to have to look around and see what my options are because I must be able to do my schooling while I’m waiting for him.

Anyways, onto the fun herbal stuff.  I continued the Energetics section, watched Service & Responsibility, and did the write-up (see Course Notes).

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